Better World Books and East Lothian Support Literacy and Reduce Waste Through Book Banks!

Books. We’ve all got them right? Wrong! So many people in the UK are without access to books yet, some that do, still continue to put used books into landfill.

That’s where Better World Books steps in. We collect pre-loved books and sell them through our website and 10 other marketplaces with every sale generating funding for literacy partners and literacy projects. For those we can’t sell, we donate to people in need or recycle. NOTHING goes to landfill.

Our ethos is “A book has the power to inspire, educate and delight, but not everyone has access to a book the way that we do. That’s why Better World Books cares.” 

To help share our mission, our Sales and Logistics teams have been working on finding new ways to assist communities with a solution for their used books. A huge part of this is deploying more of our book banks across the UK. See current locations here.

One of the communities we are working with here in Scotland is East Lothian, an area which currently doesn’t have many solutions for used books. Something we hope to change through the introduction of 3 book banks to this area.

Dan and Emma giving a final inspection before the book banks are relocated

On Tuesday 13th December, our Logistics Specialist, Dan Shiels and Client Services Specialist, Emma Houston started their day at Better World Books’ UK Headquarters in Dunfermline where three shiny green book banks were loaded onto a lorry before starting their journey to their new homes…  

The first stop was the beautiful seaside town of North Berwick where a book bank was placed at the local recycling centre. The centre is conveniently located  in a central point of the town and just a 2 minute drive from the Tesco store – really handy for recycling any pre-loved books on your way to do the shopping!

The next part of the journey was placing a book bank at Tesco’s recycling point in the Royal Burgh of Haddington. Your recycling can now be a one stop shop as this recycling point handles clothing, bottles, newspapers… and now your used books!

The last but by no means least leg of the journey was Musselburgh. Not only is this home to an award winning racecourse but also a 24/7 Tesco! And it’s at this Tesco we have placed another of our book banks. Situated in the recycling point next to the petrol station, you can now donate your books on your way in or out from doing your shopping or filling your car up – supporting literacy and reducing waste made easy!

For every book received through East Lothian’s book banks that we successfully sell, the Better World Books Literacy Fund receives funding. The Literacy Fund provides funding for Better World Books Literacy Grants. In this way we continue to contribute to the development of literacy and continue to foster a love of reading, which is at the heart of our business, throughout the UK and around the world. Find more information about Better World Books’ Literacy Grants here.


We look forward to finding new homes for East Lothian’s pre-loved books and thank you in advance for your support! If by any chance you visit one of our banks and find it’s full, please email [email protected] If you would like to find out more about how your books can support literacy, please contact Emma Houston at [email protected]