The latest from LEAP Grant winner Akili School in Kenya

intro-akili-halfyearWhen they applied for a LEAP Grant in 2013, the Akili Youth Group was attempting to get access to reading materials and a much-needed copier for the IT room in their library—the only library serving residents of the Obunga slums in Kisumu, Kenya. Students in the area were also in need of an environment conducive to studying.

After receiving $7,629 in funding from our 2013 LEAP Grants, they sent us an update on their progress early on during the project. And now they have written to let us know their half-year report.

Here are some of the things they’ve achieved, as sent by David Omondi Otieno, Founder and COO of the organization:

  • From July 31 to December 23, 2013, the library served about 300 students.
  • During school days, about 96 kids from Akili Prep School and 30 primary school children (grades 1 – 5) used the library every month.
  • Even better: The Akili Prep School students’ performance has “improved tremendously with the Preschool level 3 (final class) kids being able to write and exchange letters with kids at Freedom Christian Academy USA and also excel in reading as shown by academic report cards.”
  • 80% of the visits were repeat visitors.

Additionally, the library’s copier/printer has been a welcome addition in the community, and is now generating 95% of the library’s income and creating awareness of the library and its services. The school benefits from the copier as well, using it to print report cards and exams for its students.

We’re thrilled to watch the Akili School and Library grow, and are glad to have been a part of their lasting impact!