Selection process

Better World Books partners with international nonprofit groups like Room to Read and Books for Africa, and we also fund community-focused projects that have an impact at the local level.

Got a “Game Changing” idea that advances literacy in your community? Well, if you want to make it happen, we want to make it possible.

Our grants are intended to compile a wide range of local projects and fund the ones that have the longest-lasting impact in their community.

A total of $20,000 in funding is available, and the grant amount per project is $5,000. There will be four winners — two voted on by our community of customers and fans, and two chosen by Better World Books.

If you’re passionate about literacy around your part of town, fill out the application form and submit it according to the instructions below by March 31st at 4pm ET. Nonprofit grants are open to nonprofit organizations globally.

During the Selection Period, applicants may be contacted by Better World Books for interviews or to provide additional project details as part of the evaluation process. If your project goes on to become one of the finalists, we will also contact you for photos and videos of the literacy project that we can post as part of the public voting phase.

As you develop your Game Changing Ideas, keep the following in mind:

  1. Answer questions fully. Where questions have multiple parts, be sure to address all parts. Omissions make it difficult to evaluate your application.
  2. Projects should address the literacy needs of under-served populations in their community. Literacy needs are defined by broadly identifying, understanding, interpreting, creating, communicating, and computing information to live a more fulfilling and productive life.
  3. Organizations may pitch only one project each, with an award of $5,000. Please be sure to clearly outline the project elements that require the requested funds.
  4. Projects that will have a measurable and long term impact on an under-served population and will continue to operate after grant funds have been utilized will be looked upon favorably.
  5. Better World Books looks forward to reviewing applications that bring a fresh and inspired approach to challenging issues.