Holiday Help at Trinity Cafe

Sari Graham, Better World Books Account Manager, volunteers at Trinity Cafe in Tampa, FL

On December 22, 2016, Better World Books Account Manager, Sari Graham, spent the day volunteering at Trinity Cafe in Tampa, Florida. Trinity Cafe serves more than 280 meals a day to the homeless, hungry and working poor in the area. Since the cafe began in 2001, it has served more than a million meals.

“It was a very humbling day for me, to help serve and offer hospitality to the homeless and less fortune on a cold day. School was out, so kids were there as well. We had a table of toys that were offered to the kids, each child was able to pick one toy,” said Graham of her experience.
Graham recalls a favorite moment from the day when a little girl chose a babydoll from the table of gifts, “[She] the biggest grin ever, said it was the first thing that was only hers.”

Trinity Cafe dining room set to welcome guests

Better World Books encourages employees to get involved in their communities and gives them paid time off during work hours to do so. This was Graham’s first time volunteering at Trinity Cafe. She had been looking for an opportunity to give back to her community and heard about the cafe from some others she knows who have volunteered there.

“I normally volunteer at least five to six times per year, but this was great to do it during working hours, and during the week!” said Graham. ​

For more information about Trinity Cafe, visit their website.