Let’s help spread the joy of books and reading!

Blairdardie Primary School

The children at Blairdardie Primary School in Glasgow received 1,000 books to set up a lending library

Here at Better World Books we care about making sure that preloved books have a home. So for any books that we can’t sell we will look to donate them to people that need them through nonprofit organisations. We want to make sure that we keep spreading the joy of reading and you can help us do that!

Do you know a school, playgroup, charity or other nonprofit organisation that would benefit from books but can’t afford them? If so, put them in touch with us! All they need to do is email us at [email protected] or through Facebook or Twitter. We’ll send them a really simple donations request form. Once we get that back we look to see if we can help.

All we ask is that they cover the small shipping costs of the books.

We love to share donations stories with our clients, customers, employees and partners. So all we ask is that in return you share the story of your donation with us. This could be a quote, a tweet, some photos, a blog post or video.

This year so far we have donated over 103,000 books. Among the organisations we’ve supported are Read to Grow, Fife Women’s Aid, Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas, Guide dogs Scotland and Street Reads.

If you feel that Better World Books could help your organisation with a book donation please contact us and we will be happy to help.