Africa Educational Trust (AET)

Africa Educational Trust (AET) is working for education for all in the face of conflict andpoverty. Education is a right. It is also the most requested service and key to helping communities move towards peace and prosperity. AET helps create stronger education systems that give all children the chance to go to school. It also provides opportunities for people who have missed school to gain the knowledge and skills they want and need.

Can you imagine learning to read without any books? With only a few books in schools and almost no books at home, it’s not surprising that only 30% of children in rural communities of Eastern Uganda manage to finish primary school.

Over the past five years, Africa Educational Trust (AET) has been changing this situation by establishing school libraries in the region. Our approach goes beyond supplying books, to building a culture of reading in schools that will ensure the libraries are well cared for and actively used.

Step 1: Create the library AET works in partnership with schools, communities and education officials to establish school libraries. The schools and community supply a secure room and proper shelves and AET provides over 1,000 books on a wide range of subjects suitable for the school. Books are sourced from UK donations and enhanced by local purchase of African story books and other relevant reference material.

Step 2: Train the School A dedicated team of qualified and experienced UK volunteers train teachers and students on how to set up, care for and use the library. We cover everything from creating a simple borrowing system to how to use books effectively in school lessons.

Step 3: Keeping Learning Going The school selects a head librarian to oversee the library. AET then selects a Lead Librarian from one of our more established school libraries to be their mentor and help them get the most out of their library.

The grant from Better World Books will enable AET to establish 10 more primary school libraries, helping 8,800 children and allowing us to reach our goal of 100 libraries in this region. In the longer term, AET plans to continue to support all 100 schools to make effective use of their libraries and impact on better reading skills and learning outcomes.