Akili Youth Group

The LEAP Grant is a dream come true for us at Akili Youth Group, we are now armed to provide the space and resources needed to develop reading and writing skills and change lives in our community.

AKILI YOUTH GROUP is a grassroots organization of young educated youths who have come back to make a difference in the lives of people living in Obunga slums, Kisumu, Kenya (East Africa) where they were raised. We provide quality and affordable education for the children at Akili preparatory school and also provide books, computers and other learning resources at Akili library for the children and youth in Obunga slums.

Akili Library and IT center is the only Library in Obunga slums. The lack of libraries in Obunga denies the community members especially school going children and young people reference and other reading materials, which enhances their knowledge levels. The Library and IT Room will provide a conducive-studying environment, which is miserably lacking in Obunga. The LEAP grant will enable the library to be self-sustainable and increase access to reading materials for the needy children and other library users in Obunga.

This project is unique in the sense that it is run by young people, who, having been raised in this community and seeing children and youth suffer and get in trouble for lack of constructive activities, have come back after finishing higher education to champion change they would want to see in their community and provide better futures for the children and youth living in poverty.