Aussie Books For Zim

Aussie Books For Zim (hereafter ABZ) is working in collaboration with Chatsworth community in Zimbabwe and Knit For Life in a bid to establish a fully functional library to serve the rural disadvantaged community’s needs. This will be made possible with a grant from Better World Books, which will cover most of the construction costs of the library building. ABZ is mainly providing the books, library furnishings and organizing the training needed to operate a fully functional library.

The Chatsworth community is contributing to the project both in cash and in-kind (labor during construction). Together with ABZ, Knit For Life will also contribute financially to the realization of this project.  This endeavor will help achieve ABZ’s vision of creating brighter futures through books.

“Aussie Books For Zim is so thrilled to have been announced as the winner of the Better World Books Literacy Grant. This grant will be life-chnd education. THANK YOU from all stakeholders (ABZ, Knit For Life and Chatsworth community).”

Precious Mugadaza, Project Lead