Chimding Foundation (Stichting Chimding in Dutch)

All children have a right to quality education. Learning to read is one of the fundamental skills to prosper in life. Knowledge of the world around you is indispensable to prepare you for a bright future. That is why it is important that schools have access to a library with both study and storybooks. Especially in the remote region of Solukhumbu, in the east of Nepal, where there is barely any electricity and no access to the internet. The government does not have sufficient funds to provide for a save school(building) and professional teachers.

In the past couple of years, Chimding Foundation has equipped libraries in three villages with books, games, newspapers, and magazines. These services are intensively used by the children, teachers and other villagers. More schools in the area have requested Chimding Foundation to help set up their own libraries. We are delighted by the donation of Better World Books, which will help us equip new libraries in the region and make stories and information accessible to even more children and adults to enjoy.