Cuyahoga County Library

The task of reprinting the Preschool Kit will start immediately.

Distribution will begin by identifying participating families with assistance from Help Me Grow of Cuyahoga County, to cover those living outside of CCPL’s formal service area and by utilizing our Homework Centers, which targets K-6 graders where the community school system has low test scores.

The kit will be given to the families with Preschool aged siblings as a preventative measure from their following this trend into educational deficiency. The families will be invited to our system-wide Kindergarten Readiness programs in August and in the Fall receive their “Whooo’s Ready for School?” Activity Calendar so that they can spend a fun-packed year preparing for Kindergarten.

To complete grant requirements, kit evaluation will be conducted in November and reported out in December however, families will be encouraged to continue their attendance at library programs, use of the Activity Calendar and completion of Kindergarten Registration.