Dream Big Ghana Foundation

The Dream Big Community Learning Centre serves the farming and fishing communities of two villages in the Volta Region of Ghana.  This is a poor area with limited opportunities for learning, where the local people consider improving education to be a priority. Our Learning Centre aims to improve basic literacy skills among children and young people, and to enhance broader educational attainment in our communities. The Learning Centre offers homework support, ICT skills, arts and crafts, dancing, drumming and other cultural activities.


This project is aimed at young adult learners, who can often feel left behind.  Our Learning Centre offers the only free computer training in the area but as we only have four computers available for local people to practice on, our capacity is limited. This grant is allowing us to expand our work through the purchase of two additional laptops and the provision of IT training for 12 young adults aged 18-25.  The classes cover basic computing skills, with an emphasis on small business use. The project is improving employment opportunities for the young adults themselves, but is also helping the small businesses in our community who struggle to recruit employees with the skills required to thrive in the modern world (mainly retail shops or market traders).  We are also assisting our graduates to pass on their learning to other young people who use our Learning Centre, ensuring a cascade effect throughout the whole community.