Library For All

Mission Statement
Making knowledge accessible to every person on the planet through our digital library.

Library for All is a digital library for developing countries, where books are scarce but mobile networks are growing. Our low-cost, cloud-based Library is built on three key ideas:

  1. We provide culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate material, curated by local partners who understand the educational contexts of their communities.
  2. The Library works on the full range of devices that people living in poverty are already able to access, such as low-cost tablets, $30 feature phones and desktops.
  3. The Library was developed specifically for low-bandwidth areas with limited access to intermittent mobile phone networks. It can also operate off-line.

Partnerships are the key to our model. Currently, readers use the Library in their schools and community centers. Our implementation partners provide the hardware, and we provide the content. By collaborating with governments, schools and NGOs, we flexibly integrate with the social and economic conditions in each region. Soon, readers will also be able to use the Library on their personal devices.

We designed the tool to be accessible on any type of device, in response to the rapid growth of mobile technology. Even in Haiti, the poorest place in the Western Hemisphere, mobile phone networks cover 90% of the country. According to the World Bank, 5 billion out of the 6 billion mobile phone subscribers live in developing countries. 75% of the world now has access to a mobile phone (Maximizing Mobile, 2012). These numbers continue to grow.