London Borough of Camden

Camden Libraries’ ReadMission project is an ambitious project aimed at readdressing the imbalance of adult literacy and seeks to tackle head on all forms of illiteracy.

With literacy at its heart, the ReadMission project aims to unify services with literacy as its common theme. Working in partnership with organisations in the arts, museums and archives more effectively in which primary literacy (reading the printed word) can often dissuade participation from hard to reach groups, ReadMission seeks to address other forms of literacy, for example:

  • Digital literacy, such as social media safely
  • Computer literacy, such as using a mouse
  • Information literacy, such accessing online resources
  • Cultural literacy, such as understanding different cultures
  • Visual literacy, such as iconography and many more.

The ReadMission project seeks to build momentum in the community by bringing together different organisations to achieve the same aims and objectives. “Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop their knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in their community and wider society”. (UNESCO)

By tackling literacy we can address other issues which are systematic of illiteracy, such as health, economic well-being, enjoyment and fulfilment and many more.

We deliver the ReadMission project in two main ways:

  • The Reading Agency’s Six Book Challenge which challenges adults to read six books within a timeframe and complete reading diaries of their progress.
  • Digitally Literate Navigators – using digital resources to upskill young adults on where and how to research and increase their knowledge of their areas of specific interest. Encouraging deeper reading of a subject, the ReadMission project will work with young adults with an interest in art and cultural-specific activities such as the spoken word, ceramics, cinema, photography or music.

The ReadMission project will engage local residents, library users and staff. They will be enabled to work in partnership with specialists from different disciplines, such as performance poetry, ceramics, cinema, photography, music or architecture. Together they will use the free online resource materials to really try to understand their area of interest from the perspective of other people.