Madison Public Library

We will target and reach children with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) activities to enhance and expand on the curriculum taught in the Madison Local schools, improving opportunities for success for these children whose parents and after school care facilities may not have time or resources to provide this enrichment themselves.

The STEAM Team is ready to bring exciting programing to the Madison Latchkey program and East End YMCA after school care. Working with approximately 60 children at these facilities, the STEAM activities will expand on their learning at school in a fun and experiential way. With hands-on experiments and activities of many types, the weekly programs run from August through March. Reaching out to children in after school care targets a portion of the community’s population who need enrichment and support to improve their chances for future academic successes.

Madison Public Library is an independent library serving the just under 20,000 residents of the Madison Local School District. 40% of the children in this district are identified as qualified for the subsidized school lunch program. MPL is a people-oriented library focused on enhancing lives and encouraging growth. The Library frequently partners with other organizations to meet these goals. This program fits with the library’s ability to build personal connections with members of our small community. Providing activities that have a direct positive impact on individual children is part of the overall library character where a personal touch and genuine caring for everyone describes all staff interactions.