Old Lyme Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library

We plan to establish a new literacy service designed to reconnect people living with dementia with reading. We will develop this service by partnering with Reading2Connect (http://www.reading2connect.com), a professional organization that has pioneered tools to help adults with memory challenges experience reading again. Our program consists of two parts:

  • Books: We will purchase books that are adapted for persons with memory challenges—particularly age-related dementia. These books will be added to our circulating collection.
  • Reading Circles: We will offer regularly scheduled, unique book discussions designed to foster spontaneous, personal expression and cultivate friendship among memory challenged seniors. Library staff will attend training to learn how to facilitate these literacy based discussion groups for memory-challenged seniors.


“We are delighted to receive a grant from Better World Books so we can purchase reading materials and establish peer reading groups for memory-impaired adults. This funding will enrich the lives of many in our community.”