Read Indeed

Purchase new bilingual books for low-income children.

More than 300 organizations and schools serving underprivileged children and teens have received books from Read Indeed. These organizations typically serve youth—from babies through teens and include schools (with Title 1 programming); non-profit community organizations serving the needs of at-risk youth; libraries, food shelves; and international programs and schools with a demographic of underprivileged youth. Read Indeed identifies underserved community organizations whose clientele would benefit from receiving and owning books in their homes. Many of these organizations have a literacy component in which they espouse the importance of reading to the children themselves, as well as to the parents or primary caregivers.

For this Bilingual Books initiative, Read Indeed will purchase brand NEW bilingual books for low-income children. All of the recipients, will be underprivileged children being served by community programs, schools, orphanages, women’s shelters and other organizations serving low income kids and their families. Read Indeed receives an increasing number of requests for bilingual books for children trying to learn English.

Read Indeed plans to purchase brand new books and fabric book bags. Each book bag will feature the logo of Read Indeed and the sponsoring organization. Each bag will contain 5 brand new bilingual books, along with a bookmark touting the importance of reading the steps kids can take to read more each day. Each of these bags will also provide information on ways the children can continue to receive books from the Read Indeed warehouse in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Read Indeed often hears that ESL students will bring home the books that Read Indeed provides to them and they will read them to their parents, grandparents, or other caregivers who may be learning English themselves. We expect that these books will have a far-reaching impact on the lives of the recipients and their families.