Rwanda Prefer Society

Rwanda Prefer Society is a Canadian registered charity, PREFER is a not for profit, registered in Rwanda, together they are working to improve the lives of families in Rwanda through education.

PREFER Preschool has been running since 2007 and has 135 children, ranging in age from 3 years to 6 years old, attending classes each weekday. When the children graduate from preschool they are able to read and write as well as addition and subtraction. They are always the top students when they enter primary school.

PREFER ran a successful Street Children’s Literacy Project, for 5 years, with 125 children that were living on the streets, helping them to return to school or to find employment.

PREFER helps families become the best that they can be by offering education, shelter, medical insurance or a source of income. We give support to families that are struggling, helping them to be self-sufficient and self confident.

PREFER’s belief is “A hand up, not a hand out”. To date 45 homes have been gifted, over

2500 goats have been placed into families, solar installed into 25 homes, over 300 students sponsored, some through to their Masters Degree.

“When I first read the email telling me that we had been awarded the Better World Books Literacy Grant it was 5.30am. What a fabulous way to start my day. This grant means so very much to my team and I as well as the multitude of families whose children will benefit from your generosity.  Our entire community thanks you for this opportunity to advance their children’s advancement.”

Catherine Emmerson, Country Director