Sandvoort Primary School

In order to meet literacy targets, we are creating the first ever school library in and around Sandvoort Village, Guyana. The school will utilize the library as a way to reach students who struggle in the classroom yet excel in other creative means such as dance and drama. As a creatively-inclined student body, a library allows students to explore resources on applied and fine arts and develop analytical skills to apply to their own art & performance. A library system will allow students to spend personal time with books, increase their confidence, and strengthen their emotional intelligence. The resources will open new doors for

teachers as well, allowing them the chance to develop and analyze different teaching approaches and classroom management techniques, moving toward a road of positive behavioral interventions and support.

Above all else, developing the project will bring the community together. While the destination of our project is essential, the journey is equally important, as the library will bring together neighbors in an exciting new way through the construction of the project, which will be largely locally driven. Volunteer carpenters will be from the village, fathers of students at the school, mothers will volunteer to cook meals, grandparents will volunteer to catalogue books, renewing community spirit around the fundamental educational right of promoting the written word.