The Need2Read Program, Inc.

The Need2Read Program, Inc. is a breath of fresh air to homeless youth and both low-income and affluent communities alike. BIBBs (Books, iPads, Board Games, & Buddies) is a project connected to the Need2Read program, a weekly literacy program serving homeless youth. This project seeks to give access to literacy, technology, and extracurricular learning to those who have little to no access.

Because research has shown a direct correlation between poverty, illiteracy, and school performance, this project is vital for not only preparing homeless youth for Kindergarten, but for maintaining a standard of learning and access to basic resources to encourage and influence life-changing learning even in the shelter program setting.

We are very proud to connect with Better World Books to give these very deserving children access to books, ipads, board games, and buddies (our volunteers from communities throughout New Jersey).

Thank you so much Better World Books for believing in this project, but also, thank you for believing that homeless youth deserve the best chance they can receive, academically! Because of you, they can!

“We are tremendously grateful to Better World Books for selecting our BIBBs (Books, Ipads, Board Games & Buddies) for Homeless Children project as a recipient of the 2018 Literacy Grant! Wow, we still cannot believe this is our reality today! We are so excited for what this means for our organization, that we will finally be able to invest not only our time and passion, but much needed resources that will aid in driving home our mission. So many youth will benefit from this grant and have access to literacy, educational games, technology, and mentors as a result! Thank you so much, Better World Books!”

Shonda Brooks, Founder & President