The Turning Point Trust

Laini Saba Community Library is located in the Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya and is surrounded by primary schools that have no libraries and no storybooks. Therefore, children have little exposure to storybooks that their age mates enjoy in other schools.

Laini Saba Community Library – Storybook Project aims to provide English and Swahili story books written by local authors for children in the Kenyan Context. These storybooks are class-specific and based on the Kenyan Education system, and therefore the children will be able to read and enjoy titles at their level. In addition, these story books will assist the staff and volunteers who run the reading club to monitor the children’s ability to read at their level and therefore pay extra attention to those lagging behind

The ultimate aim of this project is to not only put storybooks in the hands of children but to also encourage children to develop a reading culture. We want to see children gain confidence in their reading that will improve their overall school performance.

The project will involve the purchase of 420 storybooks and the painting of a mural in order to make the library more child friendly.