Zaman International

Zaman International is a nonprofit organization addressing the basic needs and empowerment of marginalized women and children locally and internationally. Founded in 1996, Zaman has to date assisted more than 125,000 people in Southeast Michigan with food, clothing, furniture, utility assistance, infant burial, and other essential needs, while providing humanitarian relief to an additional 600,000 across the world through international activities and partnerships. More than 90% of Zaman’s Metro Detroit clients are single female-headed households living on less than $12,000 a year, while roughly 75% are current/former refugees who lack English language proficiency and basic job skills. To address this, Zaman runs the Building Ongoing Opportunities Through Sustained Training (BOOST) program to provide vocational training, literacy instruction, and mental and physical wellbeing programs.

The BOOST Literacy Program helps Zaman’s clients realize employment opportunities in Metro Detroit through a no-cost, multi-level curriculum covering English proficiency, job procurement and social/workplace acculturation. As with all BOOST programs, it will facilitate participation by providing free on-site child care and free transportation to and from classes. The BOOST Literacy Program provides one-on-one and small group tutoring in ESL and Adult Basic Literacy using the Laubach Way to Reading curriculum. The program will also integrate life skills through shopping excursions and library outings.