Leeds Library & Information Services

Leeds Library and Information Service are helping people to tell stories, share their experiences and make new friends by creating Zines. By using Zines as a communication tool, Librarians are helping to increase people’s confidence and literacy skills. Working individually or as part of a group, participants are using words and imagery found in library collections and resources. Librarians also show people how to use digital resources such as design software, including Photoshop and Illustrator, to help individuals learn new digital skills and encourage them to utilise a different form of expression. The DIY ethos of zine making encourages everyone to realise their creative potential as an artist, writer or storyteller. Zines can help individuals and community groups to express their views and make tangible connections to their history, their present and their identity. Many of the Zines created during the project will feature in an Exhibition and Zine Fair to celebrate the achievements of the participants. The project will enhance people’s learning, wellbeing and self-confidence.