The Kittiwake Trust Multilingual Library

The Kittiwake Trust Multilingual Library has around 7000 books in 65 languages (and counting). Our patron, Professor David Crystal believes that our library is unique in the UK. We offer space for language classes and conversation groups as well as for meetings of refugee support groups. We also host Story-time and children’s activities in various languages. Our focus for the second year of our existence will be on hosting classes for the children and grandchildren of migrants who have lived here for many years, so they can learn to read and write their mother tongue in order to strengthen family ties and preserve family history. Many families are delighted to find books in their own languages. This helps reduce isolation and gives more of a feeling of acceptance. Many young people send their parents and grandparents in after they see our collection. Facilitating second and third generation migrants to learn to read and write their mother tongue would ensure that family ties with grandparents remain intact so that their own family values and family histories can be passed on more effectively.