Pass It On Trust

Pass It On Trust Uganda (PIOTU) will use the books to raise literacy levels in two rural communities in Uganda. Selected pupils will receive training in literacy and storytelling skills. These pupils will cascade these skills to fellow pupils and give to them a love of reading.

PIOTU focuses on 2 communities: Soroti, Eastern Uganda (Shammah Primary) and Wakiso, Central Uganda (Good Hope Primary). Forty-seven children out of 500 receive sponsorship. Both are marginalised communities and live below the poverty line. The schools are for children who can’t afford state education and both schools urgently need library books. With this grant we will purchase books for these two communities in Uganda. The books will be housed in such a way that they are readily available to children, Staff and pupils will receive training in the use of the books, so that reading becomes a core activity and literacy standards are improved.