The Pars Foundation

The Pars Foundation was launched in 2013. Our initial goal was to deliver a range of football programmes for boys and girls of all ages and abilities. This has been very successful and we now offer over 17 programmes. We have also expanded our capabilities & now provide a range of other football and non-football community based activity to groups and communities.

Our programme combines literacy and sport. The activity has been designed by a school teacher and encourages pupils to write match reports, conduct player interviews and match commentary on a football match they have watched. The match would be viewed through a portable smart phone and projector. The reports would be exchanged to give the pupils insight into how different cultures perceive sport, questioning techniques, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and ultimately illustrate that they can learn from each other – not every community is the same and we all have very different defining characteristics. It engages the children to help them think about ‘life skills’ that are prevalent in sport. It can inspire and motivate pupils to become successful learners and supports the development of healthy, confident, enterprising and responsible citizens.

The longer term aim of this programme would be to support all the schools involved to build sustainable and meaningful relationships and in turn would contribute to their education and having a deeper understanding of different cultures and languages.