READ Bhutan

READ (Rural Education and Development) Bhutan is non-profit organization affiliated with READ Global based in San Francisco, USA. We work closely with communities to establish community library and resource centers to address education, economic and social needs. Currently there is no public library system in Bhutan, therefore READ Bhutan is a pioneer in the field, establishing community libraries.

The Changjiji Community Library and Resource Center (CLRC) will provide an underserved and impoverished community just outside of Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital, with the resources necessary to become literate, improve education, and acquire livelihood skills.

The CLRC is designed to serve an entire community, from toddlers to adults, and house a fully stocked library, computer center, an early childhood development section, a women’s empowerment room and a training hall.

This CLRC is unique in two ways. First, it is a partnership between READ Bhutan and several local government agencies, including the Ministry of Education, the National Housing Development Corporation Limited and the community. Second, this will be a model CLRC for READ Bhutan. Through programs and trainings, it will educate individuals and families across Thimphu about the benefits of public libraries and their role in helping to build better futures for communities.