Need to find a book drop box near you?

Judging by some recent conversations on our Facebook page and Twitter, we thought it might be worth mentioning our Book Drop Box Locator again. If you’ve got books that you need to get rid of, don’t throw them away! We believe no book should ever wind up in landfill, so we have been placing Drop Boxes in communities around the country to collect books that have no place else to go.

We are able to extend their life and their impact by getting them back into the cycle of reuse. Just use the Drop Box Locator to find the one nearest you. (United States only… for now.) If there isn’t one that’s conveniently near you, don’t worry—we are rolling out more of our big green drop boxes in the US, state by state.

Some people have noted that there are plenty of other uses for Book Drop Boxes, especially on April 1st.